I was tagged by SmallCrookedNose, so I have to admit to five addictions!

1. Music. Concerts in particular. I don't really care what band/artist is playing, just love going to concerts.

2. Cross stitching. I would sit in my comfy chair forever and stitch, if I didn't have to work/sleep/eat.

3. Sleep. When I was younger I could go without much sleep for a few nights in a row. Now, if I get less than 6 hours of sleep, the whole day afterwards is ruined!

4. Chocolate. Boring, but it's true. I really have to make a decision every day not to gobble down a bunch of chocolate.

5. Coka-cola. Now, I've been "clean" of this addiction for 8 1/2 years, but I can still feel the need sometimes. So I guess I'm still addicted. I don't need to think about not drinking Coke every day but sometimes I get the urge to feel the bubbly shimmering feeling of taking that first sip out of the bottle.... But it's *bad* for me... bad.. very bad... so I don't drink Coke any more.

I'm tagging Rósa Tom, Linda, Árni Long, Eva and Melafrúin.

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